Mohamed Negm
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Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed, was born in 1968, Cairo-Egypt, and obtained B.Sc., in Cotton Production and technology division, M.Sc., Ph.D. mainly in cotton science. He assumed work at the Cotton Research Institute at Giza as Assistant Researcher (1997-2000), Researcher (2000-2005) and professor, Head of Spinning Research Department 2007- till now also. He elected to be General Coordinator, Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network On Cotton For The Mediterranean and Middle East Regions in 2012. He obtained the worthy award in Egypt in field of cotton technology “Nation Encouragement Award” in Advantage Scientific Technology, Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology 2005. Dr. Mohamed managed to modernize the Department established a new addition including new spinning mill line from blowroom to winding machines and three spinning system, i.e., Ring, Compact and Open-End rotor spinning, carried out the research required to establish an efficient working system and devising the general working plan. Dr. Mohamed is a Founder & Membership of the Scientific Society for the Egyptian Cotton Champions. He also, produced A New World Record for Finest Yarn Count from Extra Long Extra Fine Egyptian Cotton, 350 Ne.