Cotton Innovations

Cotton Innovations is an official newsletter of the International Cotton Researchers Association that is published monthly. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics focusing on innovative research developments or ideas related to cotton. ICRA encourages researchers across the globe to make their contributions which might have an impact on any sector of the cotton supply chain. The submitted articles are reviewed by the members of the Editorial Board prior to publication.

Editorial Board:

Head Office of ICRA: 

Address: 1629 K Street NW, Suite 702, Washington DC 20006 USA

Publication office of ICRA:

Cotton Innovations is published by ICRA Secretariat Office. (

Address: ICRA Secretariat, Pakistan Central Cotton Committee Building, Old Shuajabad Road, Multan-60500, Pakistan

Published Volumes & Issues


November 2021 Vol 1 Issue 9

October 2021 Vol 1 Issue 8

September 2021 Vol 1 Issue 7

August 2021 Vol 1 Issue 6

July 2021 Vol 1 Issue 5

June 2021 Vol 1 Issue 4

May 2021 Vol 1 Issue 3

April 2021 Vol 1 Issue 2 

March 2021 Vol 1 Issue 1