A project worth consideration
Dec 4, 2020


An Australian initiative of global relevance

The project is called "Intimidation and voice of research scientists" and is self-clear by its title. It is based on a survey that is elaborated and endorsed in the following documents:

endorsement letter2-compressed 2020 Participant INFORMATION SHEET-2019459_V2

Participant INFORMATION SHEET-2019459_V2


Efficient research asks for protection from pressure

This is my personal belief and hopefully shared by many. Pressure and intimidation exist. Less than ten years ago, I got to withdraw a paper from a renown journal because of the pressure my co-author faced in his institution less than 48 hours the paper was submitted to the journal.

The extent of the phenomenon is nevertheless hard to assess and hence seldom assessed. This is the reason why I took part to the survey that is open to scientists feeling interest for the topic.

Click here to do the survey:

It took me about 20 minutes and I found the survey properly built.

I hope that that I am not upsetting ICRA members with this  non-specifically cotton post.
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