A prospective for a New Leaf Grade by HVI
Jun 16, 2019

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Hazem Fouda1 and Mohamed Negm2

1Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization-CATGO, Alexandria- Egypt

2Cotton research institute, Giza-Egypt


Trash is a measure of the amount of non-lint materials in cotton, such


as leaf and bark from the cotton plant.The instruments work on two principles either gravimetric based i.e., Advanced Fiber Information System, "AFIS" or geometric or surface scanner, " HVI". The percentage of the surface area occupied by trash particles (percent area) and the number of trash visible (particle count) are calculated as well.

Trash area solely is not enough for determining leaf grade while a ratio between percent area of trash and trash particle count is a good indicator of the average particle size in a cotton sample. A low percent area combined with a high particle count indicates a smaller average particle size than does a high percent area with a low particle count.

The Aim of the work is: 1) to develop a formula contains both Trash Area and Trash Count measured by the HVI to be used for determining Leaf grade, 2) to develop a New Leaf Grade depending on the developed formula afore mentioned as the current Leaf Grade depends only on the HVI Trash Area reading which is obviously incorrect.

A high percent trash area with low count should result in better spinning mill processing while small trash area percent with high count (pepper trash) should result in bad spinning performance and high nep count in the yarn as they are difficult to remove from the cotton lint than large trash particles.

Leaf grade is a measure of the leaf content in cotton, this research has resulted in a new formula for a new leaf grade which includes both trash area percent and trash count which was in line with the classer’s grade giving samples with small trash particles lower grade than samples with big trash particles unlike the HVI current Leaf Grade.

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