Application Techniques to Meet the Requirements of IPM, IRM and Transgenics
Mar 6, 2019

Crop Protection WCRC WCRC2

Farmers continue to treat cotton with insecticides more than most other crops due to the wide range of insect pests that infest plants at different stages of their development. Excessive use of chemical control, especially with poor timing and inefficient application has led to major problems of insecticide resistance in several countries. While reducing the number of insecticide sprays against lepidopterous pests, the introduction of transgenic crops expressing the Bt toxin gene has not eliminated the need to use insecticides. Improved application allows minimal use of insecticides to reduce the impact on beneficial species while still maintaining economic yields. The paper discusses how CDA and other application techniques allow farmers to improve integration of chemical control, including weed management, within IPM programmes and assist in resistance management, especially with increasing use of transgenic crops.

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