Mar 10, 2017

Agronomy & physiology WCRC Agro-physio-australia WCRC1
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We used field measurements and computer modelling of soil compaction to investigate management options for trafficking cotton beds.

In the field, we measured the influence of vehicles on vertical stresses in the soil and the consequent changes in soil physical properties. These effects were investigated for several different vehicles and also for different furrow and bed layouts. The impact of vehicles on soil deformation were modelled using computer simulations (finite element models). The models were tested by simulating the known soil behaviour measured in the field. The models furthered our understanding of compaction processes.

The information from the field and the models, run on "what if" scenarios, were then used to investigate compaction management options such as: wider versus narrower tyres in furrows; different furrow shapes; influence of bed width; influence of repeated wheelings; influence of initial soil moisture content.

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