Cotton ginning technologies - selection criteria for optimum results
Jun 16, 2019

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M.K. Sharma

President, Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd., Nagpur India


Ginning is the mechanical process for separating cotton into its constituents namely lint (Cotton Fibre) and Cotton Seed. The Seed Cotton that comes from the field has to be subjected to various treatments in the ginning factories depending upon its inherent characteristics such as trash contents, moisture contents, length of the fibre, variety of seed i.e. fuzzy or black, method of seed cotton transportation, storage practices, handling practices inside the ginning factories and finally subjected to ginning process for separation of fibre and seed before packing into bales etc. Ideally the quality of the constituents i.e. cotton fibre and cotton seed before ginning and after ginning must be more or less same however it is

seen that substantial damage is caused to quality parameters during processes in the ginning factories. The selection of cotton for spinning is made on the basis of fibre quality and any damage in the same during the process of ginning reduces the value of the fibre and results in lowering down of value in total textile value chain.

The development of high speed spinning and weaving machinery has necessitated requirement of better cotton fibre parameters and any damage in quality caused while ginning cannot be rectified later and the defect is carried forward to yarn and fabrics during spinning and weaving process.

The economics of ginning operation is greatly affected by the damage in the quality of the constituents i.e. cotton fibre and cotton seed and lower realization due to same affects down the line to the farmer / grower as the pressure of the lower realization by ginners results in lower price for seed cotton being paid to him.

The economics of ginning operation depends upon the proper selection of ginning technology suitable for various characteristics of the seed cotton to optimize the quality parameters and operational costs, thus the selection of suitable ginning technology is of paramount importance.

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