Cotton-innovation website
Mar 12, 2018

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Cotton-innovation website:

A site dedicated to cotton innovations for West and Central Africa, an English version of this website is now available

Factsheets are available on innovations in the cotton supply chains, sustainability indicators for cotton farming systems (related to the SEEP report), economic information, etc.

Enjoy your visit.


1 Comment

Terry Townsend
May 13, 2018

Dear Bruno,
Thank you for notifying ICRA of the Cotton-Innovation website. It is an excellent resource for the cotton industry.

I was clicking around in different locations around the web site, including the tab for Sustainability Indicators. I could not find any mention of the roles of organic cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative or Cotton made in Africa in enhancing sustainability of West African cotton production. I am not suggesting that these initiatives should be mentioned. I personally am skeptical of the efficacy of each initiative. I just want to confirm one way or the other whether information from those initiatives are or are not included under the Cotton-Innovation web site.

Thank you,