Developing Integrated Weed Management Systems for Cotton
Aug 3, 2018


The Australian cotton industry is responding to increased pressure to reduce reliance on pesticides. An important part of this program is the examination of weed control and herbicide use patterns. Attention is now being given to the significant amounts of herbicide being applied in cotton rotations and possibilities for herbicide reduction. Currently there are no known cases of herbicide resistance within Australian cotton fields but prevention and limitation of resistance is a major objective. An integrated weed management (IWM) system has existed by default in the cotton industry, due mainly to inter-row cultivation and hand hoeing to control weed escapes. However, a formalized IWM strategy needs to be developed to ensure that the use of herbicides is sustainable in a viable cropping system. Recent new advances in herbicide chemistry, genetic engineering and machinery design offer the opportunity to combine these with existing weed control techniques to achieve a more environmental and economically sustainable weed management strategy

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