Mar 13, 2017

Crop Protection WCRC WCRC1
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A computer vision system was developed to analyse spray coverage on leaves and target paper strips.  The rapid computer analysis of the captured image gives the size distribution of the droplets and the relative area of the target that was covered by different effective radial distances.  The effective radial distance is defined by the distance from a droplet on a leaf that is affected by the chemical.


The definition of the Effective Radial Distance (ERD) as a measure of the distance from a droplet that a chemical has the desired effect on disease or insect control allows the ability for the comparison of the coverage efficiency by droplets of varying size deposited in a non-uniform manner.  The computer vision system described was able to give rapid analysis of spray droplet size distribution and the uniformity of coverage in a better method than conventionally used.  The results will allow chemical developers and farmers to make better decisions in developing and using chemicals and machinery for controlling diseases and insects.

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