Effects of Organic and Inorganic Nitrogen Fertilizer Applications on Cotton Yield, Quality and Soil Properties in Gezira, Sudan
Sep 12, 2018


A factorial field trial investigating the effects of farm yard-manure (FYM) and urea application on cotton yield, quality and soil properties was conducted on a Vertisolic soil, low in organic matter, using cultivar Acala 93-H, for 3 consecutive seasons (1995-98) at the Gezira Research Station in Sudan. The FYM was given at 3 levels (0, 10, and 20 t/ha), while urea was at the rates (0, 21.5, 43.0, 64.5 and 86.0 kg N/ha). Both FYM and urea application significantly increased cotton fiber yield. Application of 20t FYM+43 kg N/ha gave the optimum cotton fiber yield (908 kg/ha) and outyielded the standard control (86 kg N/ha) by 10.1%. Urea and FYM application had no significant effects on most of the fiber properties. FYM reduced bulk density, and increased the hydraulic conductivity, total nitrogen and organic carbon of the top 30 cm of soil. The proposed practice (20t FYM+43kg N urea/ha) has definitely reduced the cost of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer and improved the soil conditions.

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