Mar 10, 2017

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A comparative study on conventional fertilizer application and foliar fertilizer application of cotton grown on Kampaeng Saen soils (Udic Haplustalffs) was conducted for five years during 1986-1990. The results revealed that fertilizers applied at the recommended rate (37.5-37.5-37.5 kg/ha of N-P205-K20) in the first and second year could increase cotton growth, yield and quality over the unfertilized control and had residual effects on the third, fourth and fifth year. Cotton growth and yield of combined applications of conventional and foliar application were not different from conventional.

Foliar applications of the four grades of foliar fertilizer 16-48-0 (DAP), 30-20-10, 16-32-6 and 16-5-5 could increase cotton yield and quality over the unfertilized control.  The most economical foliar fertilizer was 16-48-0 (DAP).


  1. Foliar fertilizer application integrated with soil fertilizer application was not necessary because the growth and the quality of cotton was not significantly different to soil application alone.

  2. It was possible to use foliar fertilizer application with cotton. Foliar fertilizer application increased plant growth and cotton quality. In term of economics, using foliar fertilizer application would take less risk than the other methods.

  3. Soil fertilizer application or conventional fertilization was the suitable method and it was cheap for the farmers in the long term. The study indicated that soil fertilizer application for two in five years is not adequate for nutriont replenishment but it returned a good income and also had residual affects for subsequent crops compared with other treatments.

  4. Soil properties: pH, organic matter, available P and exchangeable K were variable, but all showed a trend to be reduced after five years of cotton cropping.


Future Considerations

The study indicated that foliar fertilizer application could be used with cotton and recommended to farmers.

Future research should concentrate on the fertilizers that are not expensive and are found easily in the market, such as urea and DAP. The rate of fertilizer, time of application and the number of times of application should be studied on fertile and infertile soils.

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