ICRA Secretariat goes functional
Oct 13, 2017


Signature Ceremony in Multan

The MOU between ICRA and PCCC has been signed on October 9, 2017, in Multan, in the framework of a ceremony organized by PCCC to which attended around thirty participants coming from research institutes and agricultural universities.

Dr. Michel FOK, ICRA Chair visited Pakistan from 09-12.10.2017 for the MOU signing ceremony. PCCC has nominated Dr. Fiaz Ahmad, Senior Scientist of Central Cotton Research Institute, to serve  as Secretary, assisted by Mr. Zahid Khan.

Dr. FOK visited cotton trials at Research Institutes, Research Labs, two agricultural Universities of Multan. He visited cotton fields of two Progressive farmers in the surroundings of Multan. He gave two lectures about the concept of climate smart agriculture and the Chinese experience in using Bt-cotton. MOU ceremony

ICRA Office (Outer View)


ICRA Office (Inner-View)


ICRA Committee Room

Committee Room

PCCC Building

ICRA Group

Fiaz Ahmad

Secretary ICRA, Senior Scientific Officer, Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan, Pakistan


Zahid Khan
Nov 16, 2017

Thanks Dr Ahmad

Ahmed Abdelmoghny
Nov 6, 2017

@fiaz.ccrim#237 Congratulations to PCCC, Dr. Fiaz Ahmed and Mr. Zahid Khan.

My Congratulations to PCCC, Dr. Fiaz Ahmed and Mr. Zahid Khan and good luck

Asif Saleem
Oct 22, 2017

This is most suitable place for secretariat of ICRA, The organization is on positive move, both for national and international interests, Congratulations

Muhammad Zahir Ahsan
Oct 20, 2017

Congratulations Sir Dr. Khalid Abdullah, Dr. Faiz Ahmad and Zahid Khan

Muhammad Tariq
Oct 19, 2017

Congratulations to Dr Fiaz sb and Zahid for this new assignment.

Fiaz Ahmad
Oct 14, 2017

Thanks Dear Abdullah! Indeed its an excellent opportunity for the cotton researchers from Pakistan to get connected with the global community of cotton researchers for the benefit of mutual interest. The ICRA website is free for everybody and provides a forum for interactive discussions and research promotional activities and much more.........

Abdullah Keerio
Oct 14, 2017

Congratulations to PCCC, Dr. Fiaz Ahmed and Mr. Zahid Khan. It is very good sign for the promotion of cotton research. Stay Blessed

Abdullah Keerio
Scientific Officer,
CCRI-Sakrand (PCCC)