Present status of Cotton pests, CLCuV disease and developments in Pakistan
Jun 16, 2019

Network coordination Network-MedMiddleEast

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Shah Nawaz Khuhro1, Mushtaque Ali Leghari 1, Khalid Abdullah2 and Muhammad Ali Talpur3

1 Pakistan Central Cotton Committee’ Central Cotton Research Institute Sakrand, Sindh- Pakistan.

2Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Ministry of Textile Industry, Government of Pakistan

3Marketing & Economic Research Directorate, Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Karachi-Pakistan


Cotton, a major cash crop of Pakistan, is considered as backbone of the national economy. It contributes about 1.4% to GDP and 6.9% of total value addition in agriculture. Pakistan is the fourth largest producer, third largest consumer of cotton and the second largest exporter of cotton yarn in the world. The cotton sowing target proved in data that in Pakistan cotton target increased in cotton sowing areas due to evolved the new cotton high yielding varieties in Pakistan. Cotton crop is mainly grown in Punjab and Sindh provinces in Pakistan, contributing 70 and 29.50 percent in cotton production respectively. During survey in different cotton growing districts of Sindh-Pakistan, mealybug and CLCuV disease infestation was recorded which gave damage quantitatively and qualitatively to cotton growers. Pakistan Central Cotton Committee is working on long extra long staple length cotton varieties and these varieties were tested for checking the performance which will open the doors for farmers and breeders to utilize this material for better economy of Pakistan. Further it is explain that purpose of this paper presenting in 12th Meeting of the Inter-Regional Cooperative Research Network on Cotton for the Mediterranean and Middle East Regions will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, EGYPT from October 7-9, 2015 to share the problems, strategies to control on the CLCuV, to produce the long extra long staple varieties as produced in Egypt and to share the new technology/developments on cotton in the world.

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