Mar 13, 2017

Breeding & Genetic improvement WCRC Breeding-NorthAmerica WCRC1
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Modification of cotton fiber qualities through genetic engineering is the primary focus of the cotton biotechnology program at Agracetus, and the methodologies necessary to accomplish this task have been developed. A cultivar independent (Accell®)* transformation method based on particle bombardment has been refined, and transgenic Delta and Pine 50/90, Pima, Sea Island, and Acala varieties have been generated.  Stable integration of the transgene is shown in the parent and in subsequent progenies.  A transient assay to detect promoter functions using particle bombardment and the marker gene ß-glucuronidase (GUS) has been developed.  A number of cotton gene promoters have been isolated and tested in transgenic plants for their ability to direct fiber-specific gene expression.  Genes from a variety of sources are currently being screened for their ability to modify fiber properties such as strength and length.  In addition, we are assessing various genes for their ability enhance properties such as superior dye binding, absorbency, and thermal properties in cotton fiber.  The resulting high-value transgenic fibers are expected to have a diverse impact on the fiber industry.

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