Dec 10, 2020

Time has come

After having joined the Executive Committee since the inception of ICRA, hence for about ten years, I thought it was time for me to step out as I am at a few months to be retired.  So, I have just sent my letter of resignation (mfok_resignation) to the Executive Committee.

My decision to leave my position earlier than scheduled is linked to the discomfort I have perceived among a number of ICRA members and that I created by my decision to suspend the elections for the renewal of the Executive Committee. While I still believe that the decision was necessary, I do not want to be an obstacle in any way to the operation of ICRA and to its evolution.

I believe in exchanges between persons in mutual respect and in the inter-generational transfer of knowledge in implementing research. This website has been conceived for this purpose, so I will stay among you and keep contributing in any area where I could share my experience, at least as long as the membership to ICRA is not strictly restrained to active researchers.

All the best to you all.