Response to In Vitro Regeneration of Immature Zygotic Embryos in Cotton (Gossypium spp)
Oct 8, 2018

WCRC WCRC2 Biotechnology

The in vitro culture response of immature zygotic embryos (IZE), from six Gossypium hirsutum and one G. barbadense variety, was studied. Explants were collected from plants grown in the field and the greenhouse. Bolls were collected 12, 14 and 16 days after pollination (DAP) from the field and 10, 12 and 14 DAP from the greenhouse. The young embryos were cultured in vitro in SH and BT supplemented with 2,4-D and kinetin. All genotypes responded well to callogenesis in spite of the environmental conditions where they were grown. Callus formation (%) was higher when the bolls were collected 16 DAP for embryos collected from the field and 14 DAP for embryos collected from the greenhouse. The callus developed was tested for its embryogenic and organogenic potential in several media without positive results. During the callus induction period, it was observed that in some explants the epidermal cells from the upper cotyledon and the hypocotyl were diversified into globular or heart shape embryoids. For their further development, they were transferred to a modified MS medium. Some of the young embryoids formed roots and leaves but they never developed into regular plantlets.

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