Subject of a post becomes a topic for forum
Jul 28, 2016

ICRA Website feedbacks

Writing Post is easy although moderation is maintained

How it worked in the former version

Only registered members can write posts, this is quite normal. However, it was necessary to pass through a dashboard that might appear obscurous to many.

How it works now

Just click on WorkPress content, then click on "Add New", then write.

Any post has to be associated to at least one category. Categories are organized in two levels. It is recommended to select categorys of secondary level so as to make tagging more precise.

Most members, without holding a moderator role, cannot publish their posts immediately. Publication is subjected to moderation

What's new

The new version contains an interaction between the tool used for the website and the tool for the forum function. So any new post is visible in the forum functinality (GossyForum) so that its contents is open for interaction or discussion among the whole ICRA community.

Feel free to test the interaction functionality: go and see this post in "Forum" and make comment.

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Chujing Huo
Jul 29, 2016

OK. I see that it works as announced. Thanks