Mar 10, 2017

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Of the 50 species of Gossypium, 17 are endemic to Australia.  These plants are classified in three sections, Sturtia, Hibiscoidea and Grandicalyx, in the endemic subgenus Sturtia.  The first two sections are relatively well‑known through the species G. sturtianum and G. australe, respectively.  Section Grandicalyx, although more restricted in distribution than the other two, contains the greatest taxic diversity.  Historically, this section is poorly known.  Of its 12 species, six were first recognised and described only within the last 11 years.  The twelfth species was collected and recognised for the first time in 1993.  The wild Australian species share a feature unique in the genus, i.e. a terpenoid‑glanded plant but functionally glandless embryo.

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