The Effect of Potassium Fertilizer Plus Higher Nitrogen Rates on Growth and Yield of Cotton
Sep 12, 2018


Two field experiments were carried out in two locations of Beni-Suef Governorate in middle Egypt, on Giza 75 cotton cultivar (Gossypium barbadense L.) to increase cotton yield by increasing nitrogen rates, while enhanced by potassium. The treatments were 112.5, 150, 187.5 kg N/ha and 187.5, 225.5 kg N plus 60kg K/ha. Results revealed that previous treatments had little effect on plant growth and boll weight. Without K, the yield components and yield of seed cotton increased insignificantly by increasing nitrogen rate up to 150kg/ha but decreased significantly with the rate 187.5kgN/ha. Applying K fertilizer plus higher N rates, reversed the negative effect of nitrogen increases and raised the yield of seed cott

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